The long gone Landoil Resources Corporation

I have been bothered greatly about the recent decision of the P.I. Supreme Court to close the Landoil Case. I posted a blog at the Vox Populi website, appealing to all investors foreign and domestic to join in a class action suit to reopen the Landoil case. If you still have the Stock Certificate issued in the 1970’s, we need you. You may leave your information at
It is unfortunate that the political unrests of the 1980’s caused the company to cease operations. Landoil Resources Corporation was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines in 1973. Since then several oil wells were discovered by said corporation. One of them was in Palawan. If this is in opeation, that oil well was part of the Landoil Resources Corporation. The last transaction of its stock on the Manila Stock Exchange was in October 1984. The corporation ceased operation in July, 1985.
Let’s join hands in getting back what is rightfully ours. Waiting for your reply, I am

Nick C. Bacalla (U.S.A.)


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